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ID Cards and Military Records


Defense Entitlement and Enrollment System (DEERS) Operating facilities. 

In order to obtain a new or updated military Identification Card (ID) you must go to a DEERS Operating Facility.  Click here for an updated list of DEERS locations. 

The Oregon National Guard Service Member and Family Support (SMFS) office has a state network of Family Assistance Specialists (FAS).  They can assist you with ID cards, legal services, Tricare, financial, crisis intervention, death of a retiree, and community information.  More information can be found here.  

Military Records

Request Copies of Your Military Records -  If you were a member of the Oregon National Guard, some of your important records (DD 214) may still be available at the Oregon Military Department Archives.  Please use a Standard Form 180 to request your records be sent to you.  Send your SF 180 request form to the following address:

Oregon Military Department
Attn: Archives Dept.
1776 Militia Way SE
Salem, OR 97309-5047

Get Military Records from the National Archives - If you cannot get your records from the Oregon National Guard, then you can start your search from the National Archives record center at this website. 

Retirement Service Office
Anderson Readiness Center
Room 243
3225 State Street
Salem, OR 97309
503 584-2891

Office Open
1000-1400 Hrs.

DEERS Office Rm 231

Air Guard 142d FW
Portland, OR

503 335-4000

Air Guard 173d FW
Klamath Falls, OR

541 885-6350
800 864-6264

DEERS Locations

FAS Brochure