Get a healthy office environment with Nutrisystem; inspire everyone to promote healthy living at an affordable price!

Hi, my name is Andrew. I have been working as the manager at the Goliath Business Tax Consultancy and Advisory Service for the past few years. About five months ago, our company partnered with Nutrisystem to promote a healthy working environment by inspiring employees to live a healthy lifestyle. I will tell you about the coupon code you can use on after I share with you all the Nutrisystem story of Goliath Business Tax Consultancy and Advisory Service and the positive changes it triggered in the past few months.

Goliath Business Tax Consultancy and Advisory Service is a financial service company that has been running for over eighty years. Even though it started very small back then, the company, today, has over two thousand employees.

For every company, increasing its productivity is its number one goal. What a company requires most for its development and progress is a healthy working environment. Studies show that employees who have healthy eating habits are 25% more likely to perform better at work. Also, absenteeism is found out to be 27% lower for employees who live a healthy lifestyle. Providing better health options at work is also calculated to engage employees 10% more. These statistics are what inspired our company to partner with a program like Nutrisystem.


Giving out the Nutrisystem coupons

The company first talked to Nutrisystem about giving the employees a discount on their meals. After they agreed on that, they let the employees know that the company has partnered with Nutrisystem and anyone who chooses to have their meals can collect Nutrisystem coupons from the office. The company gave all the employees an orientation on how Nutrisystem actually works, and how it will take both the employees and the company to better heights in terms of health and productivity.

In the first week, ¼ of the employees had collected the coupons. By the next week, almost a thousand employees were having Nutrisystem meals for lunch. Every week, there were more people deciding to join the program. Even people who were questioning the meals and were extremely skeptical at first were collecting their coupons after a month. The company had surely not expected so many employees to follow the Nutrisystem program, but in just two months, 1200 employees were already eating Nutrisystem meals for lunch. What impressed so many people weren’t the effects of Nutrisystem diets. The most imposing thing about the program was its affordability. The Nutrisystem discount codes helped to make the program affordable for every employee in the office. No matter how much the employees earned, the company made sure every single one in the office could afford the program. Especially for employees who sit behind a desk throughout the office hours, this program was a hit. All employees who were having the Nutrisystem meals were happy to have received such a budget friendly lunch every day.

Before and after using Nutrisystem


Along with being affordable, Nutrisystem meals are delicious as well

Not only were the Nutrisytem meals inexpensive, they were tasty. First when the company announced its partnership with Nutrisystem, everyone imagined it to be a diet full of salads, almonds and fruits. But Nutrisystem proved its awesomeness! Lunch with Nutrisystem cost only $4 to $6, even lesser thanks to the Nutrisystem coupon codes, and the lunch they provided was pizzas and burgers and soups and all sort of tasty foodstuffs. Nutrisystem lunch options are great; caramel bars, rice, chicken, soup and pizza… Eating healthy is now not that difficult with Nutrisystem!

None of their meals require a prep time longer than five minutes. Most of the food was to be micro-waved, which took less than five minutes. With no prep time required, the employees were happy to get tasty lunch for such affordable prices delivered right at the office doorstep!

Saying no to fast food

Giving out the Nutrisystem discount codes to ¾of the employees was tough, but it was worth it! The employees were replacing their fast food lunch with the Nutrisystem healthy lunch. This helped them get closer to living a healthy lifestyle, which was great for the office too. Eating healthy food meant better health, less absentees, better concentration at work. This was a little tough for the employees to begin with, but in just a few weeks, everyone was happy they were having good healthy food instead of fast food.

From the company’s view, here are three pros and cons about Nutrisystem:



  • No meals for allergic people
  • Microwaving can be a problem
  • Fast food cravings during lunch

It has now been five months since we first partnered with Nutrisytem. The results are amazing. The absenteeism rate in the office has already decreased by a significant amount. The program understands that everyone loves discounted food; the Nutrisystem promo codes are really a blessing to the office! Till this month, about 1600 employees in the office now eat Nutrisystem lunch regularly. A group of employees reported to me that they have now started taking the entire Nutrisystem diet plan for the day. According to them, breakfast, snacks and dinner options at Nutrisystem are equally tasty and healthy and have been helping them lose weight, stay fit and feel energetic throughout the day. The office now has minimum absentees, a healthy working environment with all the positive energy, and great increase in productivity… All thanks to Nutrisystem!